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You cannot do it all alone! I am here to help you with that. Let's get clarity on the direction your business is going with a road map with the strategies, processes and systems you need to get there.


I believe you should take back control of your business and focus on what you really love. Isn’t that not why you started your business?

But here is the problem, there are so many ways to launch and scale an online business, but you need a plan, process and a most importantly a guide with steps, recommendations and resources specifically for your business.

If you answered Heck Yes!  Well, TRUTH BOMB, you will need these 3 things:


The Big Picture - Simplify your businesses unique position and tribe. You do not need to be selling everything to everybody.


Lead Generation -  Attract quality leads that want  your business products and services. Your audience do not care about what you are selling, but the transformation that you will offer


Content Marketing  -  Apply content-led strategy that focus on the 'who'(your target audience) and connects them to the 'how' ( your business)


I get it, I have seen it all with the creatives, coaches and consultants that I have worked with over the years. I want you to get out of stress and analysis paralysis so you can scale with ease and prepare to LAUNCH your next big business idea!

It’s time to stop the Googling, DIY’ing and piecemealing your business while wasting time and money "figuring it out on your own"?

Struggling With Any Of The Following...

  • Can’t get out of your own head

  • Now sure how to organize your red-hot offer

  • Don’t know how to stay at the top of your audience's mind

  • Not sure how to leverage the right social media platforms that align with your goals


  • You  desperately need someone to be on your team to be in your corner

  •  Where to put your time and attention and what is a priority

  • The things that are MOST important are not hitting your goals

You are not sure what in your business is working and not working.

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This business intensive is for you if you are suffering squirrel syndrome, overwhelm, insecurity, doubt and most importantly YOU NEED A PLAN!

The business intensive is an opportunity for me to get neck deep in your business and for us to get to know each other and how we may work together.

The business intensive will  provide CLARITY,  a roadmap and strategy and plan on how you can can move forward in achieving your business goals. ( Ps, I may throw in a Trello board in there to get you started)

One size does not fit all, you are unique and so will this business intensive process. We all don't fit in a cookie cutter mold, neither does your business and neither does my business intensive process.

The Business Intensives Helped Clients Like...

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Similar problems kept them from reaching their goals. And you’re most likely experiencing some of the same roadblocks too and maybe you don’t even realize it...

The Process

The process is a 2 hr business intensive call, where you and I get to dive into your business and we get to get to the fine tuning of your business goals, outline strategies, implementation plan and timeline.

STEP 1:  Book a discover call

  • This 30 min call will be to touch on what your needs are, learn more about how I may be of service and if the business intensive will be of value to your business.

STEP 2:  Schedule your intensive

  • Book and pay for the business intensive call

  • A pre-call questionnaire and submission of business details and assets so I am get up to speed with your business.

STEP 3: Business Intensive Call

  • One 2 hours call to dive deep into your business and develop an action plan to overcome it.

  • We will review your business, offers and services and align them with a comprehensive strategy and roadmap on how your business goals can be implemented

STEP 4 : Proposal & Report

  • A follow-up email with a report outlining a roadmap, action plan with additional suggestions and resources.

  • A proposal of how I can execute your needs will be delivered and you may choose to work with me.

STEP 5 : Let’s Work Together

  • Sign the quote and we can work together on your proposal, roadmap and even a Trello board that will allow you to start checking off your 'to do list'.

  • If you want to implement this with me, by yourself or with your team you have the report and road map of how you can achieve this.


Ready To Work Together? 

No more wasting time and money in your business. You deserve to have a solid plan of how to build the business that you have always wanted. In our 2 hour business intensive we will create a plan of action on how we can build and scale your business and get you reaching the people who need you most.