7 Reasons to Hire a VA and Get More Done For Less


Being an entrepreneur or small business owner is a juggling act! The question becomes not if you are busy enough, but what is keeping you busy? One of the biggest secrets about highly productive people is that they don’t try to do everything themselves. Extreme multi-tasking is one of the most common causes of burnout and a major component in businesses failing.

Productivity is key to success and time is the most valuable currency that we can never get back. Instead of being busy, which is sometimes hard to decipher when you’re in the early phases of your business, the next phase will be solving this problem and finding who to delegate your tasks to.


This Is Where I Come In....

Here Is What To Consider When Thinking About Hiring  A Virtual Assistant:

  1. As a VA I already have a home office in place which will save you money from having to purchase any additional equipment and office space.

  2. You won’t have to worry about conflicting work schedules. You can assign your tasks or projects with a deadline and your work will be ready.

  3. As a VA, I only charge for the time I’ve spent working for you, so that means no costs acquired from office distractions.

  4. I am proficient with the latest technology and productivity tools and  we can typically jump into a project with little direction needed.

  5. I am an independent contractor, I take pride in my work because it’s my reputation on the line as well as yours.

  6. There is no paid leave, sick time or vacation time. I am only paid for the time I work.

  7. I can still work efficiently from my home office and be available when necessary.

Many entrepreneurs wait until they are falling behind before getting help…

Waiting until you’re buried in your business often leads to being stressed out and hindering your business in the long run. One of the reasons my clients hire me as a VA is to help, so they DON’T get to that point, and you do not have to either!

How can I help ease your workload and help with your productivity?