Infoproducts: What Are They? And How To Use Them To Grow Your Business

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Most of my clients work with me to implement more offers and products in their business. Our collaboration helps to create more revenue streams and passive income. More and more of them are becoming infopreneurs, even if they do not know it.

In case this is new, here is an update:

Infopreneurship is all about sharing and selling information to others.

An infopreneur is someone who takes that knowledge, turns it into infoproducts.

Info products and DIY offers are saleable products such as books, courses, workshops, coaching, presentations, virtual summits, and more.

Last year I worked 1:1, creating my client's infoproducts including:

  1. A wedding planning course for new wedding industry professionals. My client made $15,000 off her first ever beta-course launch.

  2. A vocal training audio course for a high-performance vocal coach. This client is a successful, highly sought-after vocal coach and trains singers on the hit TV show Voice (hint: she works with Team Alica).

  3. Two courses for an online learning academy for virtual assistants. I now make monthly passive income and affiliate revenue payouts from these courses.

  4. A social media marketing plan, plus implentation, for a client's first self-published ebook launch that landed her #1 on the Amazon bestsellers list in the personal health genre and has  55 Amazon 5-star reviews and counting.

  5. A digital product selling custom Trello Boards (Trello Business Suite) available for anyone to plug and play to streamline their business.

If you want to avoid burn out ( as you do not have unlimited time) and want to scale your business, you should be looking to implement a mix of business services and offers in your business.

If you’re providing a service, there are three different levels you might offer:

DFY – Done For You is where you offer packages and services to your clients where you do all “the thing” for them and is your high-level offer.


  • A fitness coach who provides custom virtual workouts and custom meal plans

  • A web designer who completes website designs and hands them over to your clients

  • A virtual assistant who turns over tasks and deliverables to your client.

DWY – Done With You is where you partner on services with your clients. You are both responsible for getting the work done together, either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.


  • A nutrition coach who works with your client on health plans with live coaching calls

  • A photographer offering photography editing workshops to students who want to learn basic Adobe Lightroom

  • A brand consultant who hosts virtual workshops or in-person VIP days for clients to build their online brand.

DIY-  Do it yourself Info products are where you teach people how to do it themselves. That is great, because it can be inexpensive and you’re empowering people, which is amazing! Value is the greatest return on investment in your business and your bottom line.


  • Selling ebook guides on Amazon

  • Selling physical goals setting planners for mompreneurs

  • Selling an online training course on how to create digital products in Adobe Indesign.
    Note: all of these can also be called Infoproducts!

Now, when you see this graph, you may want to place more value on your higher premium services that are your DFY ( Done For You) services. Which is what most business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers rightfully do.

Yet, businesses that are scaling are offering more and more of the latter. By leveraging more info products, you can create additional revenue streams and passive income in your business.

In 2019, start to explore how could you leverage all three levels within your business.