The tidying craze which is sweeping the world, thanks largely to Japanese cleaning guru and bestselling author Marie Kondo and my latest obsession Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix. So this made me ask, what needs to be tidied up in my business to make it grow and scale.

My #1 goal in 2019 is to create more content this year than I ever had. Why? Because if you are not constantly telling your message to your audience that you have what they want and need, how will they ever know?


Why would anyone care about your business if you never share them with the world? If your great offers, services, and products never see the light of day, then you are not going to make the impact you want or create the income you deserve.


Business is changing… Content marketing is slowly taking the top spot as the driving force that is the ‘lead magnet’ to attract your target audience to your business. This was my mindset when I started:

I was playing small.

I had a scarce mindset with no clear vision for what my audience needed

I did not think what I did was unique.

I thought no one would listen since others were doing it bigger and better

I had no idea what the heck to say.

I had a business but I was still trying to find my business

 All these sentiments did not spark joy for me or anyone who wants to create content for their business.

These excuses are joy killers. How do I know? I polled a Facebook Group to ask them this simple question: ( The responses were jarring)

Facebook Comments.png

I hope after seeing this you know that you are not alone. There are many who feel the exact same way. Your content marketing should be selling your services, offers and products for you...But you do not know how. You are stuck in Content Creation Hell.


You may be in creating content does NOT spark joy when you are still asking yourself

❌ I have blog posts but I have not posted yet (Perfectionism)

❌ What do I write in my newsletters/emails? (Lack skills) 

❌ I am cannot create and do my client work (Lack of time)

❌ I am not an expert, who will listen to me? (Impostor-syndrome)

❌ How does my content sell my services and products? (Lack clarity)

You know you want content that is ready to publish and not spend hours, weeks and months creating it. That is why I am offering you all first access to my CONTENT CLARITY + STRATEGY SESSIONS


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✅ Create an annual content marketing plan that focuses on selling your services and products (and Trello Board to keep you organized)

✅ Identify golden content ideas builds awareness and sells to your services and products to your target audience

✅ Discover how to save time by re-purposing content on your key social media platforms

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I work closely with coaches, creative business owners, and service-based entrepreneurs to strategize and create products and content that creates more revenue in their business. Let’s get content marketing off your plate. Let’s do this!


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