5 Reasons You Need A Project Management System

Looking for the easiest way to get your business and projects organized?

Between streamlining your business, client work, teams and passion projects, it's easy to get distracted and overwhelmed with the amount of work to be completed on a daily basis.

Even if you’re a Type A personality or the most unorganized person on earth, we all need a little help to stay on track with our goals. Whether you’re a consultant, coach, freelancer, small business owner, side hustler, team member, board or someone who wants to cross those to-dos off their list, you can finally make that big idea happen.

You need a tool that will help you manage your tasks, projects, teams and business.

Here are 5 reasons you need a project management tool:


1. Get Organized

If you are not using a place to host your business and projects you may still have information all over the place. You have your ideas, tasks and processes on notepads, sticky notes, Word Docs or  maybe they are still locked up in your head.

Let’s imagine that you have one hub that allows you to:

  • Easily access your projects, resources and assets

  • Curate your big ideas and have them ready to be crossed off

  • Capture your client and project processes

  • Communicate and collaborate with your dream team

2. Take Action

The best way to finally take action is by using a project management tool that prioritizes your tasks and implement all the steps to get you from A to Z.

So whether you are working on the short term or long term project goals, or the big picture strategy of your business, a project management tool will make taking action and moving the needle in your business a reality.

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3. Get Out Of Your Inbox

Seriously, who needs another email? I know I don’t! Let’s get you closer to inbox zero by allowing your project management tool be the hub of team and collaboration communication.

Invite your dream team to work with you on your project and business goals by assigning and delegating tasks, keeping everyone informed on deliverables and easily troubleshoot challenges and roadblocks that may arise.

Moving your work to a project management tool makes communicating with teams a breeze. Spend less time in your inbox and more time working on your projects and business.


4. Capture Your Systems and Workflows

A reason you may not be managing your projects and business well is because you have not captured and setup your processes and workflows.

Here are some tasks that you may do over and over again:

  • Client onboarding

  • Client projects and packages

  • Product and project launches

  • Publishing blogs, podcasts and social media content


Using a project management tool will allow you to create templates of your workflows and processes that can be easily duplicated. Save time working on new projects, create a  standard process for your team and do not let any important steps fall through the cracks.



5. Work less

It’s amazing that a project management tool can allow you to work less. But it is true! You can actually work less by saving time with setting up the right project management tool in your business. Once you have have a project management tool automated and integrated with other tools, you have a powerhouse combination in your business. Hello productivity!

Overall, using a project management software is going to help you get more done and work less are by:

  • Making a project management tool the central place in your business

  • Getting out of your inbox to work more on your business and projects

  • Capturing your workflows and processes

  • Using interpretation and automation features like Butler for Trello, Google Drive and Dropbox to link to your cloud storage and slack for external communication.

What are the best project management tools?

There are quite a few on the market with a variety of features. You just need to find one that works for you and fits your needs.

The project management software system I recommend is Trello

Obviously, I’m obsessed with Trello and I know you will be too.  I have tried and tested all 3 project management tools, but have always come back to Trello’s user friendly approach. It’s here to stay in my business.

Want to learn how to use the fantastic project management system, Trello, to organize your biz?

That's why I created Trello Business Suites. A self-study e-course that helps you learn Trello like a boss so you can finally organize your business, projects and teams!


A self-paced video e-course that helps you learn Trello like a boss

5 Reasons You Need A Project Management System