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Looking for the easiest way to get your business and projects organized? Even if you’re a Type A personality or the most unorganized person on earth, we all need a little help to stay on track with our goals. Whether you’re a consultant, coach, freelancer, small business owner, side hustler, team member, board? or someone who wants to  cross those to-dos off their list, you can finally make that big idea happen.

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10 Essential Productivity Tools - I use for my Business

I get it! You wear many hats. So as your business grows, your role will require you to do all the things ( until you are ready to hire a Va like me) and you will need to set up tools and systems that will allow you to be productive with your time, so you earn more, but work less. There are many tools that will help you do just that. Here is a list of 10 of my favorite productivity tools I use everyday to be on my A-game when I am working on business and working with clients

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