How to Build an Epic Content Funnel

How to build an epic content funnel

Let’s get real honest.

Do you create content for your business?

If you are a small business or service based provider you are very busy. You are busy focusing on getting a new customer, delivering high-quality work and wooing your clients. Creating content after hours or on weekends is probably the one thing on your ‘to-do’ list. I am probably not the first or the last person to tell you that you need to make content in your business. But many small businesses and service-based providers are not drinking this kool-aid.  


Because creating content is overwhelming.

Creating content is scary and creating.

Creating content with no strategy does not make sense.

The simple reason why you are not making content is that it is not making you money so it does not make sense

But here is the thing, if you are wanting to be in business today you will need to leverage a content marketing strategy that can do most of the heavy lifting for you. You do not get new business, leads or customers to buy what we are selling. They are attracted to your business when we educate, value and build a relationship. The best way to this is by adding a content funnel into your business.

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A content funnel is a system that introduces new leads to your business through different types of content. These leads are then converted into possible customers by ‘funneling” them through more types of content.

Building an epic content funnel is the simple way you can turn FOLLOWERS to FANS to FUNDS [Tweet That!]


A content funnel maps our target audiences journey that includes addressing their pain points, goals and desires. Understand their journey and all the routes they may take and be a part of it every step of the way. Much similar to its cousin the ‘sales funnel’ that move leads from prospects to customers. The content funnel approach is focusing on key content that supports the lead to a sale.

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The internet is a noisy place and you need to stay at the top of your audience minds. This the most step at the Top of Funnel ( FOLLOWERS) for without it, all pending steps will not be taken. Talking about our business is especially challenging for small business and service-based provider

How to Start: At the top of the funnel is your primary content medium. It is where you capture their attention. Pick what content medium you are comfortable working on and let that be a place you start getting their attention,

The best types of content to create for this part of the funnel are:

  • Social Media  – This is the easiest place to spread the word about your content to your target audience, all you have to do is share. You should want more than just a like or a click, your goal is to have it people engage with your content and to share it. Keep in mind that every piece of content you share on your social channels should be a reflection of the kind of value you want to bring your customers.

  • Blog posts –  Blogging is not dead. It still should be the place you house your content and coupled with SEO, it can be a very powerful. Do not think of using blogging for just written content, many use blogging to add podcast episodes and video content. This makes it accessible to your audience under your website and also informs them that they can consume your content elsewhere like on Youtube or as a podcast.

    Infograhics –Creative visuals make a deep impact on how to digest content that gives a clear process, steps or roadmap to understand information or to solve a problem. The popular infographics include  ‘how to’ “ content, listograhics ( an epic visual list) and detailed statistical information. All these infographics are incredibly powerful on the 3rd highest ranked search engine Pinterest and can potentially drive hundreds of thousands of visitors.

  • Videos – Ok, video is not for everyone, but nothing gets quicker attention than video content. Why? That is because it is easy for your target audience to muster the courage to start creating video you can start making 60-second tips for Instagram or min Facebook Live topics to start getting your feet wet.

  • Podcasts –  Radio has been revived through podcasts and now just about anyone can have a radio show in the form of a podcast. There are podcasts now that are 5min - 20min audio recordings of content gold. They are the new Netflix of content consumption. The podcast can live on multiple podcasting platforms stated before, it can be transcribed to create a min-blog post. Two birds, one stone. You can also leverage podcast adding your lead magnet here as a listed building and lead generation strategy.

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Creating an irresistible freebie or lead magnet that your audience cannot wait to get in their hands is soooo important! The first stage of the funnel was getting your target audience's attention and now that is done you need to give them something of value in exchange for their email. At the Middle of the funnel ( FANS) you should naturally align with what whatever your main goal is your business, selling your products and services. This should be a win-win situation for you and your target audience.

How to Start: There are a wide range lead magnets that can be used build your relationship and trust with your target audience, but start with content you like and that you will be able to create. Choose one that meets your level of difficulty

Education: Share your skills and expertise in easy digestible lessons and modules/sections.

  • Challenge

  • E-course

  • Mini-cours

  • Online course

Books: Create your content as a digital resource that can be delivered quickly and easily.

  • Ebooks

  • Workbooks

  • Planner

Tools/Resources: Save your target audience’s valuable time and energy with curating high-value information to help them reach their important goals.

  • Templates

  • Checklists

  • Cheatsheets

Community: Provide a supportive and engaged learning experience for your target audience various learning and teaching mediums.

  • Facebook Group

  • Slack Channel

  • Membership Community

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By the time your audience reaches the Bottom of the funnel ( FUNDS) the should feel that they are understanding who they are and what they are struggling with. The end goal of your email sequences is to bridge the gap that you can solve their problem with your product and services. Add a mix of Top of Funnel and Middle of Funnel content here to get to reaffirm your expertise and authority as well as some Bottom of Funnel content.

How to start: Get the following content to add to support to further build trust.

Testimonials from happy past clients or customers: Add testimonials as case studies or storyteller a client win. You can show fans raving by sharing screenshots of emails, Facebook posts, client shoutouts, and blog comments. Keep   type of content in your arsenal and share in your emails and social media posts.

Webinars or Workshops are your virtual classroom: This can be a great precursor to promoting any of your services and programs to an interested and invested audience. We know that video works, so imagine if you have a classroom of students where you give them a BIG  bit-size solution to their problem and then you offer them other ways to solve their problem or achieve their dreams through your services and products.

Discounts, Sales and Pre-sales are a great way to validate a product or service that you want to offer and potentially BETA test. Offer these at a ‘limited time only’ to trigger urgency to buy at a discount or before anyone else or maybe both. Who doesn't like a good sale? You can also proceed to get testimonials to further promote your services and products.


Whether they purchase to do not purchase your services or products the client journey does not end there. As in any relationship, there will be some give and take, give great valuable content and take the benefits of being consistent when they start to buy what you are selling.

So,I would love to know what type of content will you be making for your content funnel? I hope this post helped, and I'd love to hear what you've got cookin' in the comments below.