chido Samantha.

I help women master their business online. So they can earn more and sell more with ease and expertise.

And you are next!

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It seems like everyone in your internet and your social media feed has an online business. They are celebrating huge wins in their business like launching new programs or courses, guest speaking and making 6-figures.

Ready to finally Master Your Business Online with ease and expertise?

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Get the strategy and accountability to package, promote and profit from your signature programs and services.

You feel like it's YOUR time to make this happen finally,

but you feel like there's SO much you don't know.

You are not clear on how to be seen as the go-to expert online or

you do not know how to launch your signature program or service.

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Hi, I’m Chido,

I’ve worked and consulted with service-based business owners who have successfully mastered their business so that they earn more and sell more with your signature program and services.

My mission is to help women master their online business so they can have more impact and income. This is done through my 1:1 strategy consulting and The Master Your Business Online Accelerator Program.

I am truly operating in my zone of genius when I get to help you package, promote and profit from confidently selling your signature programs and service.

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Are you ready to be next?

It’s time to get off the struggle bus!

… you’re struggling to communicate what you do.

… you’re not attracting the right clients.

… you’re stuck on ideas and execution in your business.

… you’re not clear on what revenue-generating activities you need to focus on.

… you’re fear if you have what it takes and if business is even for you.

So maybe you have been stuck DIY'ing your business by buying courses, downloaded the workbooks and joining masterminds that have kept you busy in your business BUT has not gotten you results.

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Master Your Business Online

Accelerator Program

Strategy to design, promote & launch your signature program and services

You’re still trying to be the go-to expert in your industry and have no idea how to package and sell to your audience or you’ve been a seasoned business for years, but you don’t know how to create an online presence that helps you leverage and sell your signature offer.

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Master Your Business Online Accelerator Program

An 8-week fast track program you will get: 

  • 1:1 Done-With-You strategy sessions and implementation weeks

  • Weekly 90min Zoom recorded video calls

  • (4) Strategy Sessions: These are our office hours to work through your custom strategy.

  • (4) Implementation Sessions: Sessions will be to assist with implementing your strategy.


Unlock your expert potential 

Find the sweet spot between you and your dream clients. Through crystal clear MESSAGING & POSITIONING, you will be able to get your clients understanding what you do and why they should buy from you.

  • Nail your niche and target market (Identify your tribe of people who want what you’re selling)

  • Craft your brand story and what makes you unique in your industry

  • Define your PAYING client and know how to attract them


Turn Followers to Fans to Funds

Move past trying to sell or get your audience to buy and start being a trusted expert by creating magnetic content that creates genuine connections and turns followers to fans to funds.

  • Create a solid brand on a social media platform where your audience is

  • Create a content strategy to position you as an expert

  • Identify your signature and cornerstone content that leads to sales

  • Create content that will find, attract and convert your target audience


Ready, Set, Launch

Your offer should combine your expertise, what your ideal client is dying for, and what the market really needs.

  • Develop your signature offer that your audience wants to buy

  • Outline of your value ladder and signature offer

  • Map out your custom launch strategy ( sales funnel, email marketing, webinars, ex)

  • Setup systems & tools so your business run on autopilot

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Master Your Business Accelerator is not for ANYONE. It is for you, if..

  • You have the expertise and you are ready to launch online

  • You want to sell a high-end offer (i.e. service, online course, coaching program, etc.)

  • You are ready to invest in 1:1 guidance, but ready to work to make an impact in your industry

  • You are committed and willing to show up in their business, so you finally get clients and sales on demand

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Women work with me when they’re ready to make more impact and income in their business.

Here are a few of my clients who are currently on this journey

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Monique Marshall Black to Business

Monique got her Business community re-branded and launched new signature offers to her online community program

Dr. Radisha Brown

Launching her first BETA Group program as a revenue stream in her online business

Vanessa Shaw Human Side of Tech

Launched her signature group program that she is currently launching and scaling.

Jennifer Ransaw- Smith Personal Elevation Lab

Featured in TedTalk in 2019 and has launched her signature offer and scaling her business to online group programs

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Ready to work together?

It is time for you to make the impact and income you want in your online business

Here’s how you can work with me 1-on-1: