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Trello Business Suite


Grab easy plug and play Trello boards, templates and automation's to streamline your business. The Trello systems and automation that run my business.


The VERY last time you need to TRY to get your business goal and projects organized


No more googling the latest Productivity tool or watching another YouTube tutorial


Get all my 10 of my Trello boards that I  use in my business, teams and clients


Just copy my Trello boards with BUTLER Automations and play!

The Trello Business Suite include:

+ Business Binder
+ Resource Library
+ Business Roadmap
+ Squad Goals
+ Client Workflow
+ Product Launch
+ Clients & Leads
+ Adulting
+ Content Calendar
+ My Week

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+ Butler Automations
+ Butler Cheat Sheet
+ Trello Keyboard Shortcuts
+ Trello Glossary
+  Trello Card Formatting

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Get Trello Business Suite!

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About Chido,

Chido is a digital marketer who helps women to become profitable online with the right strategy, systems and processes to fulfill and monetize their purpose. She thrives to offer her expertise so clients gain clarity of their business, create successful strategies, processes and systems to make their goals attainable.

She has worked with multiple online businesses from authors,  podcasters, creatives, business coaches and consultants to help them grow and scale their business.

She believes that women are the future of online businesses and she wants to be a catalyst to get them to take control of their business and fulfill their purpose. She enjoys mentoring those new online business and working closely with seasoned online business owners wanting to scale. She does this working 1-on-1 with clients or managing teams by implementing strategies, processes and systems.